Fashion Disruption

Remember the old Uncle Sam posters from your grade school history class? You know, the ones with him pointing directly at the viewer saying “I want YOU.” Well, that’s pretty much how brands and retailers view consumers today, and that’s because consumers have the power.

Yes, you read that correctly: YOU are in charge. Gone are the Mad Men-era days when the Don Draper’s of the world are telling the consumer what they want; in fact, the opposite is true.

More than ever, consumers are in control. Your voices influence brands as they determine what products to develop. You impact retailers’ decisions regarding how to make those products available and ensure consumers enjoy finding them and, of course, come back for more (think Renee discussing blush brushes in I Feel Pretty).

*Fashion has become more of a two-way street than when Miranda schooled Andy on cerulean blue in The Devil Wears Prada

Sure, designers and other industry insiders (like editors, bloggers and celebrities) certainly influence consumers. But in today’s always-connected world of social media, industry insiders are directly interacting with, and often responding to, consumers themselves. Social media is critical for brands, designers, publications and bloggers. These figures have not only established a presence on social media, but are using it as a way to communicate, even bond with consumers through actions like commenting on posts, sharing Instagram pictures and Snapchat stories and, most recently, producing content for IGTV. They want and need to know exactly what consumers desire, both in terms of products and content.

*What celebrity has more influence than Bad Girl Riri?!

Consumers are the real influencers. You determine the trends, choose what styles to adopt and how to adopt them, and when you’re “over it”. This is why we’re developing Is This Fashion. It’s a place for you to discover trends and products, find inspiration on how to wear what, express your fashion opinions, interact with and take inspiration from others, and further influence the world of fashion. Your voices will be recognized by those in charge of developing and delivering trends—the brands and retailers themselves.

Your opinion matters, your voice is needed, and Is This Fashion wants to make it heard. After all, they want you. You have all the power!

Tina & Alexis

*Blast from our fashion past