Accessorizing: Men’s Edition

by | Oct 12, 2018

Perhaps us ladies have been greedy with the accessories all these years.  Our closets aren’t just filled with clothes, but we pride ourselves on the other details that make an outfit work- a look.  You know, the gold hoops or the dainty, nameplate necklace; the great new clutch or cute carry-all work tote. And don’t ever try to make a woman confess to having too many shoes! But has all this lady love caused men to reconsider their own accessories? Sure, men might carry around a work or gym bag for function, or wear a tie out of formality, but the options are so much more vast and stylish than just the boring basics.  Check out some of the fun and fashionable accessories to explore this fall and winter:

  1. The updated gym bag: It doesn’t have to be boring! A gym bag can still offer enough space to haul all your s**t while keeping you looking fresh before and after your gym sesh.  Try a stylish yet classic option like this, or if you’re feeling daring, why not try it in yellow? After all, neons and yellow are very of-the-moment.  

Updated Gym Bag
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2. The classic beanie: Hats are probably one accessory category that men have women beat and for good reason; they’re a universally cute and purposeful add on to fall and winter outfits! Honestly, a guy in a beanie has never not looked good.  Try this fishermen cable version in grey for versatility and consider wearing with an all-denim look or a bomber jacket.

Classic Beanie
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3. A unique bow tie: Bow ties are worn less often than regular ties, often reserved for very formal occasions, but why? They’re a great way to class up an outfit and stand out from the rest of the gents in the crowd.  To make yourself look even classier, opt for a unique, yet subtle option like this floral version or this velvet style. They’ll be perfect for all those weddings and holiday parties on the horizon and will make your date want to lean in that much closer!

Unique Bowtie
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4. Classy AF passport/wallet: Those holidays are looming and for many, that means a lot of travel.  Perhaps they’re not international, but your plans should still include an accessory that makes traveling easier and stylish.  Try this for a timeless option, which you can even personalize.  Maybe this will give you the motivation to book that trip to Italy.

Passport Case
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5. A great pair of leather boots: Leather boots are not just for the ladies! Men need to keep their feet warm and looking good through the colder months and this is one area where there are a ton of options. Try these for a look that’s simultaneously rugged and polished and perfect for every day, while this pair would work for a polished, yet special dressier occasion.

Leather Boots
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Accessorizing: Men’s Edition

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