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Belt Bags

by | Aug 13, 2018

Belt bags: the new fanny pack.

Admittedly, “fashion” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of fanny packs. Instead, the term could bring back flashes from the past that no one wants to remember, particularly a time from the late 80s/early 90s that wasn’t fashion’s best moment. And yet, the fanny pack is having a comeback; a fashion second chance, remixed as what’s now referred to as “the belt bag.”

The belt bag is basically the grown-up, cooler, hipper version of the fanny pack and it IS fashionable, not to mention convenient and resourceful. And before you convince yourself otherwise, yes, you can wear this fashion trend and not look like Blossom. The current day version of the fanny pack has re-emerged sleeker, often in leather or faux leather rather than the nylon of the nineties, and is more compact than puffy. Many styles are small enough to be chic, but still have enough room to fit your cash money or plastic, lip gloss and even your beloved phone to enable hands-free living, no matter what you’re doing or wearing. It’s universal nature is part of what makes it so appealing and stylish. Wearing a t-shirt and denim cutoffs to head to the beach? A belt bag works perfectly and leaves your hands free to hold your beach towels and cooler. Heading out for after-work drinks with friends? Throw on a knit jumpsuit and pair it with a belt bag. Running errands on a Saturday afternoon? An easy sundress and belt combo means you have more room to hold your shopping bags.

So yes, this is a fashion staple that’s here to stay and yes, you can and should get behind this trend. If you’re still feeling a bit unsure, try it out. There are plenty of affordable options and if you decide you love your new belt bag and want to invest in a high quality option, plenty of those exist too. So be the first of your friends to fully embrace this “it” bag and you can get all the credit for being the cool one in the group, not to mention the effortlessly stylish one too!

Belt Bags
Is This Fashion?

Investment, but worth it and oh so chic. From Clare V.

Wear it with knit jumpsuit from Oak + Fort

A perfect catch-all belt bag. From Oak + Fort

wear it with a shirt dress from Everlane and …

white sneakers from Banana Republic.

Slight investment, high quality. From Cuyana

Wear it with an easy tank dress from Target

A safe–and cute–way to test the trend. From ASOS

Wear it with stylish leggings from Outdoor Voices and …

a tee from Outdoor Voices

Cute, affordable and with a unique design. From Zara

Wear it with an easy top from Everlane and …

denim shorts from Madewell

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Belt Bags

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