C.O.A.T. (Cutest/Coziest Of All Time)

by | Oct 7, 2018

Do you remember that scene from the classic movie A Christmas Story, you know, the scene in which Randy, Ralphie’s younger brother, is shoved into a sort-of full body coat so he can properly face the cold snow and wind on his walk to school, but he’s pretty much consumed inside a mountain of puffer coat?

If you’re lost, stop reading and go watch the movie. Come back when you’re done. If you’re totally familiar with this scene, or worse, the feeling of coat suffocation Randy suffered from, then read on!

Outwear is tricky.  Let’s face it, most of us were probably slaves for fashion in our college years and stupidly forfeited an extra layer of warmth in order to “look cute” but all we really achieved was looking stupid.  Coats are essential as the seasons change and the temps drop but that doesn’t mean our only options are frozen college student or Randy from A Christmas Story. In fact, it’s fair to say outwear has had a stylish evolution over the years, with so many more cute and cozy options to choose from, with some even functioning as the centerpiece of an outfit! So face the facts – sooner or later it’s time to breakout the outerwear – and checkout these stylish options. Your warm, future self will thank you!

  1. Plaid coats: Anything plaid just feels right for the colder months, but plaid is also timeless and investing in a great plaid outerwear piece will be smart for you and your closet.  This grey and pink plaid duster coat is the perfect combo of masculine/feminine while this is a classic, autumnal tone.

Plaid Coats
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2. Wrap coats: A wrap coat gives a more feminine vibe than other styles, perhaps because of its softer lines.  Because of this, wrap coats are a great option for dressier or special occasions, like a wedding, special night out or even an important work event.  Try a classic camel for a neutral option.

Wrap Coats
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3. Menswear inspired: This style might not feel like the best option when we’re already working hard to look cute in our coats, but menswear styles actually give an edgy, cool and unexpected vibe to an otherwise perhaps overlooked piece of our outfit.  A menswear inspired coat can become the centerpiece of your outfit, allowing you to plan a simple outfit underneath. Try this for a cool, effortless look.

Menswear Inspired
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4. Faux fur and animal print: Fur just makes sense for the colder months.  It’s an easy way to keep cool and elevate any outfit, whether you need something to pair with your cocktail dress or just want to spice up a jeans and tee look.  Go for faux and there are countless options, including this leopard style, this teddy version or this classic black piece.  Feeling crazy? Try this zebra style that will get you noticed in the best way possible!

Faux Fur and Animal Print Coats
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5. Classic silhouettes: Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  A classic peacoat is a piece you will have forever, or at least until you wear it out, which is why you should consider getting yourself not just one, but two. Opt for one single breasted, either in classic or a fun hue, and then do the same in a double breasted style (again, classic or novelty color) for some versatility.

Classic Silhouette Coats
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