Fall Trends for Stylish Men

by | Sep 22, 2018

Our sincerest apologies, gentlemen.  So often content related to style and fashion is geared toward women, and that’s just not fair is it? Poor you! But in all honesty, men can (and should) care about how they dress and look good doing so.  And for that reason, here are a few key trends to think about while you’re staring at your closet and waiting for it to tell you what to wear. Hint: don’t reach for that old football sweatshirt you’ve worn probably twenty times without washing.  It needs a break. Thank you!

  1. Denim on denim: Yes you can pair denim with denim and not look like a blast from the past. The key is pairing the look with other non-denim pieces that break it up a bit.  Think a denim jacket, like this with a sweatshirt or hoodie underneath like this, paired with jeans and sneakers.  Try to stick to similar washes with whichever denim pieces you choose.  Doing so will give you a longer, leaner, cleaner aesthetic.

Denim on Denim for Men
Is This Fashion?

2. Jackets: This might seem unoriginal, but the fall is a great time to work in some jackets into your daily ensembles.  The temps can be tricky and you need something to pair from the office to your weekly trivia night or for when watching the game on Sunday afternoon turns into dinner out at night.  Instead of relying on the blazer you wore to the office – if you do that – or the old standby sweatshirt, why not invest in a versatile jacket? Dress it up, dress it down; do your thing while staying warm and handsome.  Try a bomber, a hooded jacket, a lightweight down, or even a sharp blazer for a dressier option.

Jackets for Men
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3. Faux fur: Whether or not you even considered it, faux fur is a trend that’s not only for the ladies. This has been hitting the runways and now the stores for men, often in the form of shearling, in everything from the aforementioned denim and jackets to shoes. Don’t be intimidated by trying it (it’ll keep you warm!), but if you are, test the trend in a small way like with a sherpa lining or a faux fur trimmed color.  You might even get some compliments from some stylish gal or gent!

Faux Fur for Men
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4. Rad for plaid: Plaid and autumn are practically synonymous, but that doesn’t mean you need to wear the old, lumberjack style flannel you have all season long.  There are new ways to work some subtle prints into your outfits in a way that feels fresh and new and cute! If you’re looking for dressier items, like these plaid pants or this checkered coat.  You don’t have to go full-on plaid with your look and can opt to break it up with a solid top or bottom.  You can also take a more casual approach, opting for a comfy but cute button-down shirt or a cozy jacket. It might seem like a bold choice, but you’ll get a lot of use out of this seasonal staple.

Plaid for Men
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5. White sneakers: You’re probably thinking “I already own white sneakers, I can bypass reading this” but you’re also probably wrong about the type of white sneakers.  Do you own white sneakers meant for fitness or sporting activities? What about old, beat up I-don’t-care-what-happens-to-these sneakers? Those are not the sneakers to wear this fall.  Instead, think cool, clean white leather sneakers; the kind you can pair with all of the above trend pieces. There are endless options to choose from including clean white, two-tone and even some pairs with pops of color.

White Sneakers for Men
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