Five Fashions to Fall Into This Season

by | Sep 2, 2018

September is a fashion month, with one of the semi-annual fashion weeks occurring, making it the perfect time to spot which trends await us once they make it off the runway and into our online shopping carts. It’s also a difficult month to dress for, since it can seemingly go from hot and humid to chilly and blustery in a matter of days, making every day a battle with your closet.  Understanding the emerging trends can help guide you when deciding not only what must-have fashions you need to invest in for the new season, but also which pieces to reach for in your current wardrobe.

  1. Animal PrintYou can’t go wrong with a classic print and while it works anytime of year, fall is a great season to start introducing cheetahs, leopards and even some zebras into your wardrobe.  Try a flat leopard print mule, a light sweater, or even an animal print trench for the days when an extra layer is needed.

    Animal Print
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  2. Neon: Not ready to give up your bright summer colors just yet? You’ll be happy to hear the news that neon colors are still very much relevant.  In fact, the bright hues are expected to carry us well into the season making it all the more acceptable to transition some of your summer staples well into autumn.  Try earthy-based colors, like neon green and orange, to be a bit more seasonally appropriate. Go ahead and make Miranda Priestly proud with some ground breaking hues this fall.

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  3. Boho dresses: Is there a season where boho dresses don’t work? While this style can truly be worn all year long, and indian summer and early autumn are perfect times to embrace your inner hippie spirit a la Jane Birkin.  The relaxed, flowy dresses work for any lingering heat, while the typical long sleeves and longer hemlines offer some added coverage when the evenings get chilly. The perfect, easy outfit for everything from work, to a date or any other occasion when you don’t want people to know you’re sweating!

    Boho Dresses
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  4. Biker shorts: Whether you like it or not, expect to see this polarizing item making the rounds throughout the fall.  The short length is obviously useful for the days when the temps are still hot, but can easily pair with a sharp blazer or jacket for chillier evenings, or be dressed down with a crew neck sweatshirt for easy, autumn weekend afternoons.  Just remember Princess Di rocked many a biker short in her day and if it’s good enough for her, it should be good enough for the rest of us!

    Biker Shorts
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  5. Track pants: This streetwear trend makes for an easy transition piece (more approachable than the aforementioned bike shorts) between seasons and is still very present in the fashion world.  Wear a pair on the weekends for an easy brunch look or at night with a cropped tee and heels when the nights get chilly.

    Track Pants
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