(Not So) Mellow Yellow

by | Aug 22, 2018

Yellow can evoke many different emotions–nostalgia (a yellow school bus probably brings back some memories for most people), illness (yellow fever was a thing, right?), or plain indifference (how many people actually claim it to be their favorite color?).

And yet, this season, yellow is proving itself to be a far more powerful hue than we’ve all given it credit for, at least when it comes to adding some punch to an outfit. Think about it: a monochromatic outfit would look that much better with an unexpected yellow earring or bag. And what would make a classic black and white pant slightly more modern? Pairing it with some yellow sandals or mules. What about adding some punch to an easy, denim shift dress? Yellow nail polish would do the trick!

Like all colors, yellow has many shades but the particular hue of interest isn’t a bright, primary one or even a mod, mustard color. Instead, it’s a soft, buttery delicious yellow that compliments a dark haired gal just as much as a fair one. And if you’re looking for a way to play up your end-of-summer tan, yellow helps to do the trick–pair it with a white sundress to really play up your bronzed skin! There are so many easy, subtle ways to add the unexpected shade to your ensemble in a way that’s effortlessly fashionable. Yellow, not so mellow after all.

And if you’re still not convinced, let Cher Horowitz persuade you that yellow is the new Millennial Pink:

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