Wide Leg Jeans

by | Aug 1, 2018

There’s something about 70s aesthetic that is alluring. The clothes of the era were a mix of sexy and androgynous, a utilitarian chic vibe met with disco glam, which means there are plenty of covetable looks that are still relevant today. One trend that’s re-emerging from the decade can be a little more intimidating; the wide leg jean. This is a look that has graced some of fashion’s most notorious “it” girls, everyone from Jane Birkin to Diane Keaton, so it’s no surprise that wide leg jeans are making a comeback. But let’s face it, none of us want to look like we’re going to our mom’s college house party in 1976 (or none of us want to look like we’re extras on the set of Dazed and Confused. And for many girls, the idea of pulling off a wide leg jean can seem impossible (besides weren’t we all just going after slim legs and boyfriend jeans?!) and even unflattering.

But it’s not! Whether you max out at a cute five feet, one and a half inches (that half inch makes a big difference) or you’re a model-worthy six feet tall, every gal can wear this jean. You just have to find the right interpretation and know how to style it. If you’re concerned you’re too short, start first with a slightly modified leg opening like a kick flare jean, or pair your wide legs with a great stacked heel to give you some added height. Maybe opt for a darker wash, even black, to elongate the leg. If you feel you have enough height going on, wear your wide legs with flat slide sandal or a clean, white sneaker to balance out the look and keep it streamlined. Not sure what to wear on top? How about a boxy, crop tee or a simple black and white striped shirt? Keeping it simple helps to balance the volume of the leg, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with your wide legs. Why not channel your inner 70s goddess and accessorize with a fun gold hoop earring or a heel in a playful color, like yellow? After all, this is fashion and it’s meant to be fun!

Wide Leg Jeans
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Kick Flare Jeans
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Wide Leg Jeans

There’s something about 70s aesthetic that is alluring . . . One trend that’s re-emerging from the decade can be a little more intimidating; the wide leg jean.